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Research: Fish Caught at Hudson River Park, 1988 – 2017

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From 1988 to 2017 The River Project caught and identified 50 species of fish in the lower Hudson River at Hudson River Park. In 2007, we moved approximately .5 miles up river to Pier 40 where we continue to gather data on local fish populations.

Below is a list of all fish species collected at Hudson River Park. The 50 species identified, represent 42 genera, 33 families, and 15 orders of fishes. Fish were caught using passive trapping techniques (traps suspended to hang just off the bottom of the river). Any fish caught by other methods are referenced at the bottom of the list.

For more information on these fish visit the Virtual Aquarium.

FamilyCommon nameGenusSpeciesOrigin
Anguillidae - freshwater eelsAmerican eelAnguillarostrata Catadromous
Congridae - conger eelsconger eelCongeroceanicus Temperate marine stray
Clupeidae - herringAtlantic herringClupeaharengus Temperate marine stray
Gadidae - codfishestomcodMicrogadustomcod Anadromous
Gadidae - codfishespollockPollachiusvirens Temperate marine stray
Gadidae - codfishesspotted hakeUrophycisregia Temperate marine stray
Gadidae - codfisheswhite hakeUrophycistenuis Temperate marine stray
Batrachoididae - toadfishesoyster toadfishOpsanustau Temperate marine stray
Belonidae - needlefishesAtlantic needlefishStrongyluramarina Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Cyprinodontidae - killfisheseastern banded killifish Fundulusdiaphanus diaphanus Freshwater/Atlantic Coast refugium
Cyprinodontidae - killfishesmummichogFundulusheteroclitus Estuarine
Atherinidae - silversidesAtlantic silversideMenidia menidia Temperate marine stray
Gasterosteidae - sticklebacksfourspine sticklebackApeltesquadracus Estuarine
Gasterosteidae - sticklebacksthreespine sticklebackGasterosteusaculeatus Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Syngnathidae - seahorses and pipefisheslined seahorseHippocampuserectus Temperate marine stray
Syngnathidae - seahorses and pipefishesnorthern pipefishSyngnathusfuscus Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Triglidae - sea robinsnorthern sea robinPrionotuscarolinus Temperate marine stray
Triglidae - sea robinsstriped sea robinPrionotusevolans Temperate marine stray
Cottidae - sculpinsgrubbyMyoxocephalusaenaeus Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Cottidae - sculpinslonghorn sculpinMyoxocephalusoctodecemspinosus Temperate marine stray
Moronidae - river basseswhite perchMoroneamericana Estuarine
Moronidae - river bassesstriped bassMoronesaxatilis Anadromous
Serranidae - sea bassesblack sea bassCentropristisstriata Temperate marine stray
Serranidae - sea bassesgag grouper Mycteropercamicrolepis* Tropical marine stray
Pomatomidae - bluefishesbluefishPomatomussaltatrix Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Rachycentridae - cobiascobiaRachycentroncanadum++* Temperate marine stray
Carangidae - jackscrevalle jackCaranx hippos Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Lutjanidae - snappersgray snapperLutjanusgriseus* Tropical marine stray
Sparidae - porgiesscup (porgy)Stenotomuschrysops Temperate marine stray
Sparidae - porgiessheepsheadArchosargusprobatocephalus* Temperate marine stray
Sciaenidae - drumssilver perchBairdiellachrysoura Temperate marine stray
Sciaenidae - drumsweakfish Cynoscion regalis Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Sciaenidae - drumsspot (Lafayette)Leiostomusxanthurus+ Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Chaetodontidae - butterflyfishesfoureye butterflyfishChaetodancapistratus* Tropical marine stray
Chaetodontidae - butterflyfishesspotfin butterflyfishChaetodanocellatus* Tropical marine stray
Labridae - wrassestautog (blackfish)Tautogaonitis Temperate marine stray
Labridae - wrassescunner (bergall, chogy)Tautogolabrusadspersus Temperate marine stray
Pholidae - gunnelsrock gunnelPholisgunnellus Temperate marine stray
Blenniidae - combtooth blenniesfeather blennyHypsoblenniushentz Tropical marine stray
Gobiesocidae - clingfishesskilletfishGobiesoxstrumosus Estuarine
Gobiidae - gobiesnaked gobyGobiosomabosc Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Gobiidae - gobiesseaboard gobyGobiosomaginsburgi Temperate marine stray
Scombridae - mackerelsAtlantic mackerelScomberscombrus Temperate marine stray
Stromateidae - butterfishesbutterfishPeprilustriacanthus Temperate marine stray
Bothidae - lefteye flounderssummer flounder (fluke)Paralichthysdentatus Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Bothidae - lefteye flounderswindowpaneScophthalmusaquosus Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Pleuronectidae - righteye flounderswinter flounderPleuronectesamericanus Permanent/seasonally resident marine
Balistidae - leatherjacketsorange filefishAluterusschoepfi Temperate marine stray
Ostraciidae - boxfishesspotted trunkfishLactophrysbicaudalis* Temperate marine stray
Tetraodontidae - puffersnorthern pufferSphoeroidesmaculatus Temperate marine stray

Taxonomy and origins from Tom Lake's Hudson River Fish Fauna, 1999, citing as a taxonomic reference: Nelson, Joseph S., Edwin J. Crossman, Héctor Espinosa-Pérez, Lloyd T. Findley, Carter R. Gilbert, Robert N. Lea, and James D. Williams. 2004 Common and Scientific Names of Fishes from the United States and Canada, and Mexico, 6th edition. American Fisheries Society Special Publications 29, Bethesda, MD.

Class: 1
Orders: 15
Families: 33
Genera: 41
Species: 50

Method of capture:
Fish were caught in baited or unbaited killie traps set from the pier on the mud bottom, unless marked with symbols:
+ Caught by rod and reel.
++ Caught with dip net.
+++ Caught midwater in killie trap
* Species Scarce locally
* Unusual specimens
  cobia - only one individual of this species has been previously reported in the River, in 1895.
  foureye butterflyfish - unique specimen
  trunkfish - unique specimen
  spotfin butterflyfish
  gray snapper
  gag grouper