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Pier 42 Video

In this video, a male Blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, can be seen attempting to escape from the diver. After first attempting to freeze and remain unseen the crab sets off. In the middle of the video the crab poses aggressively, raising and opening one of its claws as a warning before hiding behind a piling. In addition to the crab activity red algae can be seen along the bottom throughout the video. This algae is probably of the genus Ceramium but which species is unknown. Its striped branches when viewed under a microscope can identify this genus, which is mostly filled with intertidal species that grow on rocks and other debris and is very common to the estuary. Our specific species of Ceramium spp. is mostly subtidal. It can be found most commonly on old rubble or pilings but the species within the genus are known to grow on many different substrates.