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Research Archive: Human Pathogens

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Dr. Egbert Lord, Chief of Microbiology Lab Services, NYC Department of Environmental Protection
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Allen Aigen, Associate PHS II - NYC Department of Health/Bureau of Public Health
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Mike Ludwig, Ecologist, NOAA/National Marine Fisheries
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Dr. Boris Rukovets,Executive Director and Asst. Chief Engineer, Interstate Environmental Commission.

Pathogens from sewage are the limiting factor to primary and secondary-contact recreation in the Harbor (swimming and kayaking). This project is designed to define the range of pathogenicity in the study area over a variety of conditions. Concentrations of Enterococci, total bacteria (gram positive and gram negative), total gram positives, and lactose fermenters are measured and analyzed in water samples collected at the study area and correlated with rainfall, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and salinity. Lab work is performed in-house, under the guidance of trained technicians.

This study is conducted in partnership with New York City Department of Health/Bureau of Public Health, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the Interstate Environmental Commission and the Marine Sciences Research Center, SUNY, Stony Brook. It is the only study of this kind in the area, and is a companion study to the 'Tracking and Mapping' study.