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Since 1986, The River Project's extensive network of partnerships has included nearly every environmental agency, academic institution, and non-profit organization in the region. We have worked with them to offer a wide spectrum of opportunities for exploring the estuary and its plants, animals and habitats, and hydrodynamics and water quality.

The River Project is an original part of Hudson River Park, the waterfront park under construction on Manhattan's lower west side. We supported development of park plans to include designation of Pier 26 as an environmental center to be landscaped in native coastal plantings; several 'eco-piers' that will be allowed to naturalize to help sustain wading birds and other wildlife; and public docks and boat launches.

Water quality is quite good now, and the harbor's rich and diverse wildlife is a national treasure. The underwater area off Manhattan's west side waterfront has such high biodiversity and sustains so many important species of fish that it has been designated as a state estuarine sanctuary, a designation that was accomplished based on The River Project's fourteen years of recorded wildlife data.


In May 2005 the Hudson River Park Trust, our landlord, announced receipt of funds to rebuild the Tribeca section of Hudson River Park, and The River Project has now relocated within the park to offices, storage space, and waterfront field station and lab facilities at Pier 40.